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deep house music consists of four main ingredients:
a cup of feelings, a tablespoon of love, a dash of togetherness, and a pinch of soul penetrating beats.
deep house music is an instrument to share our feelings with others... and we share with you!



Name Flavio
Surname Romaniello
Nickname "Muscle"
Birthplace Milan, North Italy
Birth Date 5th June, 1971
Zodiacal Sign Gemini ascendant Sagittarius
Marital Status Single
Studies Diploma of Accountant Programmer
Actual Jobs Artist, Dj, Producer, Owner of H&M Productions S.s.S., Manager & co-owner of Soulstar / Little Angel Records

Own Motorcycle Harley-Davidson "HUGGER 883", 1994
Harley-Davidson "HUGGER 883", 1998
Harley-Davidson "LOW RIDER 1450", 2001
Harley-Davidson "ROAD KING 1450" 100th Ann., 2003
Own Car Bmw 320D Coupè
Sports practiced American Football, Gym, Jogging
House tracks pref. "Can you feel it" - Mr. Fingers, "The Warning" - Logic, "Sunday Afternoon" - Rudolpho, "The Dip" - Interstate 280
House artists pref. Mood II Swing, Jovonn, F. Feliciano, At Jazz, Moodymann
House Female Singers pref. India, Martha Wash, Joi Cardwell
House Male Singers pref. Donell Rush, Colonel Abrams, Gerideau
House Labels pref. Guidance, Naked Music, Kif.Sa, Distant, Svek
Cities pref. Milan, Chicago, New York, L.A.
Foods pref. Lasagne, Fiorentina steak, French Fries
Drinks pref. Strawberry Frozen Margarita
Tv pref. The Shield, Beavis & Butt-head, X-Files
Comics pref. Ken Shiro - Japan
Movie pref. Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, The Program
Family Saverio - Father, Silvia - Mother, Magda - Sister
He likes Blonde Girls with blue eyes, Collecting real Deep House CDs,
Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles
"be in N.Y. or Chicago with William ‘HARLEY’ to compose an own H&M production, wake- me up everyday with a different girl-model in the bed and reach the studio with my Harley-Davidson"
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Name William Peter
Surname Cataldo
Nickname "Harley"
Birthplace Toronto, Canada
Birth Date 25th July, 1970
Zodiacal Sign Leo ascendant Scorpio
Marital Status Married with Sonia (October 29th, 2005)
Studies Diploma of Computer Programmer
Actual Jobs Building Contractor

Own Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson "HUGGER 883", 1994
Harley-Davidson "ROAD KING 1340", 1998
Harley-Davidson "V ROD" 100th Ann., 2002

Own Car Bmw X3
Sports practiced Hockey, Gym, Jogging
House tracks pref. "Can you feel it" - Mr. Fingers, "The Poem" - Bobby Konders,
"The Nervous Track" Kenlou
House artists pref. Kerri Chandler, Francois K., Jazzanova, Derrick Carter, Pepè Bradoock
House Female Singer pref. India, Jocelyn Brown
House Male Singer pref. Michael Watford, Arnold Jarvis, Terry Callier
House Label pref. Distance, Basic, Lace, Straight Up, Bombay
City pref. Milan
Foods pref. Big Mac, Pasta, Pizza
Drinks pref. Jack Daniel’s
Tv pref. Beavis & Butt-head
Comics pref. Ken Shiro, Japan
Movie pref. Predator
Family Salvatore - Father, Teresa - Mother, Mauro "Don" - Brother
He likes Brown Girls with brown eyes, Drums, Money & Harley-Davidson
Dream "Wake me up every morning and dive into my swimming-pool filled
of gold coins" ;-)

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